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A Design Dream Takes Shape

ALANDI Performance burst onto the scene, transforming car tuning into an art form. Led by a visionary chief designer, our creations quickly made waves across Europe and the USA. More than just tuning, we infused each car with a unique personality, reflecting our team's bold spirit and creative fire. Every vehicle we touch is an adventure, a narrative of innovation, and a testament to our passion for pushing beyond the ordinary.


Top Marques Monaco

Excellence on Wheels: The Supervette at Top Marques Monaco

The illustrious Top Marques Monaco 2018 marked a pivotal moment in our history. Alandi Tuning Atelier just showcased its mastery over automobile customization. Our award-winning modification of the Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06/Z07, affectionately dubbed the "Supervette," became a benchmark for automotive excellence. Transformed into a widebody spectacle, the Supervette roared with power thanks to custom 21-inch Forgiato wheels designed by the ALANDI team. The Supervette embodied the very essence of what the chief designer and his team strives for – pushing the boundaries of performance without compromising on quality.


Geneva supercar Show

A Symphony of Speed: Where Engines Meet Elegance at the Geneva Supercar Show

Our journey didn't stop at Top Marques. In 2019, Alandi Tuning Atelier's chief designer took center stage at the prestigious Geneva Supercar Show, rubbing shoulders with the world's leading automotive design visionaries. This esteemed recognition not only solidified Alandi's position as a leader in pushing the boundaries of automotive design, but it also served as a powerful validation of the design principles that would continue to shape the future of Alanadium watches.


the year that changed everything

Client Testimonial

A Design Dream Forged in Steel, Now Held in Your Hand

The relentless pursuit of automotive excellence does not stop at the racetrack. Here at Alandi, our engineers have not just been designing dream machines; they have been obsessing over every detail – even the key fob.

Years of research and development fueled a relentless quest for the best materials and engineering solutions. We scoured the globe to source the finest materials.

Obsessive engineering defines every aspect of Alandi Keys

We don not settle for mediocrity, and that extends to the materials. Carbon fiber inserts, borrowed from the heart of high-performance cars, provide unmatched strength and lightness. This ensures your key fob is built to endure, just like your machine. For everyday wear and tear, Gorilla Glass™ offers unparalleled scratch and impact resistance. Finally, a faraday cage construction acts as an invisible shield, protecting your key fob against signal theft. These premium materials are a testament to our commitment to innovation and creating a key fob that's as exceptional as the car it unlocks.


A Limited Glimpse of Grandeur

300 Keys to Distinction: Own a Piece of Alandi's Automotive Legacy

Introducing a Limited-Edition Launch: For the most discerning car enthusiasts, we are unveiling a limited run of Alandi Keys for select car models. These are not your average key fobs; they are bespoke masterpieces, crafted with premium materials and built to endure the adventures you crave.

Carbon fiber accents echoing the strength and lightness of your high-performance car.

Exclusivity is at the heart of this launch. With only 300 keys available per car model, owning an Alandi Key is a statement of your dedication to automotive excellence and a badge of honor for a select group of enthusiasts.